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I’m a fundraiser. I tell people’s stories to get support. I’m fascinated by the mechanics of stories. Hero’s, journeys, resolutions, the works. I believe that if we tell our stories better we make stronger connections and more of the good stuff gets done.

I figured this out during an MBA, after a satisfactory career in design and marketing. Since then I’ve been very happy.

I’ve lived in London, Grenoble, France, Edinburgh and Melbourne, Australia. My wife thinks I should just leave this here:

“I am the nicest, cutest and smartest fella on this rock. My curly hair is my crowning feature. When I watch the West Wing, Legally Blonde or Hallmark commercials, I cry.  WOW! That is a fascinating tidbit about me. My legs are super strong. I can climb hills like my ancestors or a cute little goat. I love to cycle because I get to wear stretchy clothes. My memory is my only weakness.”

If you want to get in touch email – ben (that twirly A symbol) bpawson.co.uk –

Tweet at benpawson

Thanks for listening.

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