Showers pass roadie and skyline trouser review

So today was the first rain for my roadie pants. The brief is quite complicated. Be warm enough to keep me happy in British winters, but breathable enough so the inside is dryer than the outside. Chapeau showers pass. Success on both fronts. The skyline pant is simply a more evolved version of the roadie. Both great to wear on the daily commute and longer runs. Quality construction throughout and the following thoughtful details.
A closed loop wait drawstring. Once you figure out the right knot to use you can relax about losing the ends. A key pocket bug enough for a set of keys. Two flaps that cover you laces. A cut that leaves nothing flapping. All in a quality package.

Why don’t charities tell more stories?

I know why we don’t tell more stories.

Because we have lost the understanding of how powerful stories are. And we’re afraid of being vulnerable, and afraid of sharing the connectedness that telling stories exposes us to.

Let me explain, with a story.

What did your father do in the war has, for my generation, been replaced with what did your Grandfather do in the war. Like most people I’ve got two, both now deceased. They both had two very different war stories, one hated publicly one not given the heroes welcome he was expecting. Much to my disappointment I never heard their stories from them, I gleaned little pieces of history from other family members.

Stories from our family give us meaning, help figure out who we are and where we come from. Maybe we don’t share them often, and especially publicly, because they are precious and important to us, how long do you have know someone before you tell them about the patent fraud criminal in the family (I’ve still not told many people that one).

her’s hoping I can help people reassess the value of their stories, for themselves and for others. When you share something like that you create a bond that is not easily broken.