Simple is always best

Light from a video projector being cast on a field of randomly arranged prisms.

Prism, projector repeat.

I saw some new art this week, always has a restorative effect on me. Ironic that in this city of culture I went an hours train ride away to Ballarat. Simple, powerful and endlessly engaging. I would like to think that the input feed was a camera of the guests at the museum, but I fear it is a loop.

I was there to see Melissa Peacock at the neighbour exhibition, great art all round.

How Edward Hopper Storyboarded ‘Nighthawks’ | ARTnews

How Edward Hopper Storyboarded ‘Nighthawks’ | ARTnews.

Fascinating to see this process, like watching over his shoulder. We all do it, but it’s rarely seen, even these days, I can;t think of a digital equivalent, maybe track changes in word?

Thanks Art archivists!

How Edward Hopper Storyboarded ‘Nighthawks’ | ARTnews