What’s your why?

Hopelessly broken headphones, unrepairable.

I could kind of tell which wire went to which part of the plug. I had taken a photo of the plug after I stripped the wire off, but not a very good one (above).

I tried soldering the spindly metal threads that were left onto the right contacts, and occasionally I got sound in one ear. But essentially the headphones were unrepairable. 

This is a part of the reason I love Fairphone, they just came out with modular earbuds. I briefly looked towards my higher power in gratitude for this evolutionary step towards cradle to cradle thinking.


But it really got me thinking about something John Viscardi of ArtSmart (and other stuff) introduced me to; What’s Your Why? A classic TED talk book and speaking tour money earner from Simon Sinek. His thesis (that I got from Blinkist because who has time?) is if you start from your Why, and communicate that, and it resonates with others then they will believe in you, which is a stronger call to action than any what, or how, or product feature.

And this is a great example of a Why in action:

Fairphone says it’s crazy we can’t fix our own stuff and thinks that finding the raw materials for making something should not kill someone. Or that enslaving someone to make a thing is bad for everyone. We really need to think differently about how we make stuff.

Like this phone, or these earphones, or probably anything else Fairphone turns their hand to.

Their Why is cristal clear, and resonating at my frequency.