My (new) visual resume

I’ve looked for jobs in five different countries. Each place has different preferences for how you compress a 20+ year journey of experience into two or three pieces of, often differently sized, paper.

Over the years I’ve probably spent a solid month working on, changing, and personalizing my CV/Resume. It never gets easier, but hopefully, I get better at a difficult job.

I’ve also tried a few different things. Like expressing some of the things that, I hope, make me a useful team member visually. I’m sure graphic designers do a better job than this, but it stands out for someone in the words and messages business, like me.

So here is an update for 2020, also my first stab at employment in North America. I worry the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ from Australia has made me too modest to stand a chance in the cutthroat post-CoVID-19 recession market place.

A visual representation of the Resume of Ben Pawson.  At the top it covers my preoccupation. Early days of mud and lego in the UK, through the rising importance of music, art and design, to my current fascination with story, fundraising and communications.  BElow that is a pie chart of all the places I learn things from. Biggest place; on the job reflection. smallest place, my friends.  Next to that are my 6 top achievements. Hosting a podcast, teaching a class in French and running a 'tell me your story' booth at a conference.  At the bottom is each job I've had, with the top 3 - 5 skills and in what proportion I used them on that job. Currently; Persuasion, Communications, Writing, Visual Design for a variety of freelance clients. It's a fun, and hopefully non boring way of putting a life on a piece of paper.
My visual Resume / CV updated for 202o. You can download a PDF by clicking on the image.

It was a surprise how little has changed really. I still worry about how others will understand things, I still believe helping others is the best thing you can do with your life and I still really like Art, and Music. I even have a renewed appreciation of Lego, thanks to my 8 year old niece.